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Stay Hard Delayspray
Extra long delay of male ejaculation. Stay Hard Delay Gel is the method of dealing directly and effectively with premature ejaculation. Its special composition diminishes the sensations that take place in the erogenous areas of the man making intercourse more satisfactory and lasting. Synaptic plasticity is the ability of the connection or synapse between two neurons to change in strength in response to either use or disuse of transmission over synaptic pathways in a neural area like the penis tissue is. Stay Hard Delay Gel shortly numbs the penis cell’s sensitivity to sensual stimulation in large part by decreasing the activity of existing receptors and by decreasing the number of active receptors on the surface of the glans penis.Directions for use: spray Stay Hard Delay Gel 1 to 3 times directly onto the penis. Allow the effect to unfold for 15 minutes. The spray has now soaked into the skin of the penis thoroughly and can develop its local effect.Stay Hard Delay Gel is available in pen shaped dispensers containing 6 ml gel. Convenient effortless and almost automatic application is guaranteed. To Stay Hard and delay ejaculation.

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