* Xtreme® Silicone Lubricant 500ML


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CE certified


Dermatologically tested


High grade quality product, Made in the Netherlands


Silicone based


Does not contain binding materials


Excellent and long lasting lubricant effects




Excellent price-quality ratio


Suitable for the extremely sensitive skin


Helps against vaginal dryness


Allows the skin to breathe


Compatible with latex condoms

Never sticky or greasy


Does not contain spermicidal ingredients


Does not contain perfume, oil, grease or water


Does not contain aroma or preservatives


Silicone based lubricant has been on the market for dozens of years already. They were created by mixing two different types of silicone, usually Dimethicone and Dimethiconol. In order to mix these silicones, the use of binding materials was necessary. Usually, Cyclomethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane are being used for this purpose. But these binding materials can cause skin irritation and/or irritation to the mucous membrane to some people, and they can attack and degrade the silicone materials within sex toys. This created the desire to create a high grade silicone based lubricant, without the use of any binding materials.

After many years of intensive laboratory research we managed to create a high grade silicone based lubricant made of Dimethicone and Dimethiconol, without the use of binding materials.

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