K-Lube (200gr poeder voor 20 Ltr Lubricant)


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Makes 20 litres of super slippery water based lube.

K Lube Powder is a concentrated powder which dissolves easily in water to make a super slick lube that lasts and lasts. 

Simply mix about 2 teaspoons of K Lube Powder with half a litre of water.  Give it a quick shake and you’re ready to go.  The end result is a long lasting, non drying extremely slick lube.

K Lube Powder’s original formula is condom safe, rubber safe and body safe.  It’s also completely inert, non-irritating and contains special preservatives so that the mixed lube will always remain fresh.  Easy to clean up with soap and warm water.

  • 200g bottle
  • makes up to 20 litres of super slick lube
  • quick & easy to mix
  • long lasting
  • condom safe, latex safe, body safe

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